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Crossbow Bolts: Aluminum & Carbon Crossbow Bolts

Buying the best crossbow bolt can help make your crossbow hunting more successful and increase the accuracy of your shooting by allowing your crossbow to operate at peak performance. When you are choosing a crossbow bolt, you will have a number of considerations to make regarding options and other features. At Outdoor Sports Depot, we sell a complete selection of crossbow bolts from popular crossbow manufacturers. Our affordable crossbow bolts are available at discount prices. These discount crossbow bolts include a variety lengths and weights of carbon and aluminum crossbow bolts so that you can find the best crossbow bolt for any situation. To find the best crossbow bolts for you, please browse our selection of discount crossbow bolts below.

You can also learn more about buying the best crossbow bolt with our buying guide below.

Aluminum Crossbow Bolts

Barnett Crossbow Arrows

22 in arrows 48 pack22" Arrows 48 Pack
18 in arrows-(bulk 48)18" Arrows-(Bulk 48)

Excalibur Aluminum 20" 2216 XX75 Vanes

Alum 20 in 2216 xx75 vanes (per72)(Per72)
Alum 20 in 2216 xx75 vanes (per6)Per6)

Excalibur Aluminum 20" 2219 XX75 Vanes

Alum 20 in 2219 xx75 vanes (per6)(Per 6)
Alum 20 in 2219 xx75 vanes (per72)(Per72)

Horton Bone Collector Arrows

Bone Collector Alum Arrow (Per 6)Aluminum, (Per 6)
BoneCollector Alum Arrow (Per 72)Aluminum, (72 Pack)

Horton Lightning Strike MX Aluminum Arrows

Ltng Strike MX Alum 20 in 72pk vaneVanes (72 Pack)
Litng Strk MX Alum 20 in 6pk vanesVanes (6 Pack)

NCStar Arrow

Short ArrowShort
Long ArrowLong

Wicked Ridge Black Aluminum 20" Bolts Vane

Black Alum 20 in bolts vane 6pk6 Pack
Black Alum 20 in bolts vane 3pk3 Pack
Black Alum 20 in boltsvane 72pk72 Pack

Additional Aluminum Crossbow Bolts

Alum Bright 20 in bolts vane, per 6TenPoint Crossbow Technologies
Alum Bright 20" Bolts Vane, Per 6

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Carbon Crossbow Bolts

Barnett Crossbow Arrows

Excalibur Carbon Arrows 20"

Carbon Arrows, Vanes 20 in (per 6)Per 6

Excalibur Carbon Gold Tip Arrows 20"

Carbon Arrows, Vanes 20 in (72 pack)Per 72

Horton Bone Collector Arrows

Bone Collector Carbon Arr (Per 6)Carbon, (Per 6)
BoneCollector Carbon Arr (Per 72)Carbon, (72 Pack)

Horton Carbon Strike MX Carbon Arrows

Carbon Strike MX 20 in 6pk vanesVanes (6 Pack)
Carbon Strike MX 20 in 72pk vanesVanes (72 Pack)

Additional Carbon Crossbow Bolts

Carbon Bright 20 in bolts vane per6TenPoint Crossbow Technologies
Carbon Bright 20" Bolts Vane Per6

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Buying the Best Crossbow Bolts

When you are buying crossbow bolts for use with your crossbow, the first step you should make is to look at your crossbow manufacturers specific recommendations. Most crossbow manufacturers will recommend a minimum grain weight and bolt length that is best for use in each model. They may also make other recommendations and guidelines that you will want to follow regarding which type of crossbow bolt is best to achieve peak performance from your crossbow. While it is not necessary that you use crossbow bolts made by your crossbow’s manufacturer, it is important that the bolts and arrows that you choose are compatible with your crossbow.

Options and other considerations that will be important when buying crossbow bolts include:

Crossbow Bolt Grain Weight

You will find that the lightest crossbow bolts fly the fastest. However, when buying the best crossbow bolts for your crossbow, it is important to realize that shooting arrows or bolts that are under the minimum recommended grain weight from your manufacturer will put your bow’s components under considerable stress. Therefore, shooting underweight arrows may void your factory warranty and can result in an increased risk of personal injury.

Additionally, it is important to realize that a lighter and faster arrow is not always better for crossbow hunting. For example, you often achieve better broadhead flight and better overall shooting control when shooting at more moderate speeds. Finally, choosing heavier crossbow bolts can make your crossbow quieter and will prolong the life of your crossbow components.

Crossbow Bolt Material: Carbon vs. Aluminum

Another consideration to make when buying the best crossbow bolts is whether you want to buy aluminum or carbon crossbow bolts. Aluminum and carbon crossbow bolts each offer different advantages, but in general, the decision between the two is typically based on personal preference as most crossbows are compatible with either type of crossbow bolt or arrow.

  • Aluminum Crossbow Bolts: Aluminum crossbow bolts tend to be less expensive than carbon bolts. However, these bolts are softer and may bend or become damaged more easily.
  • Carbon Crossbow Bolts: Carbon crossbow bolts and arrows are more durable than aluminum crossbow bolts. They can resist breaking, bending, and other damage and therefore, will fly straighter with a flatter trajectory. A major downside to carbon crossbow bolts is that they absorb less energy from the bow and result in greater noise when fired.

Our Discount Crossbow Bolts

At Outdoor Sports Depot, we sell a complete selection of crossbow bolts including aluminum and carbon crossbow bolts at discount prices. These affordable crossbow bolts come from leading crossbow manufacturers and include:

  • Barnett Crossbow Bolts
  • Excalibur Crossbow Bolts
  • Horton Crossbow Bolts
  • NCStar Crossbow Bolts
  • TenPoint Crossbow Bolts
  • Wicked Ridge Crossbow Bolts

To learn more about any of these crossbow bolts or for additional help selection the best crossbow bolt from our discount crossbow bolts, please contact our online sports depot.